Ghost of Myself - oUT NOW

A brand new film from Melanie Denholme and The Aquinas. 
A woman lives alone. Her past haunts her dreams. Erotic nightmares, blood and death are her life. Day in, day out she struggles until she no longer knows what is dream and what is reality.
Starring UK sexy Scream Queen, Melanie Denholme.

New FB Page

Please drop by the new FB page and say hello! More pics, news n stuff being posted all the time now. 

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Are You the One?

Presently looking for one model/actress to create a range of strange and wierd erotic horror films who I can develop and work closely with. New film needs a bold and emotional actress who I can really work with long term and help her move forward. email 

A Little Show Reel for a Great Actor

Lee Pendergast is an awesome actor and so I decided to create a show reel for him. Check him out!