The Aquinas is currently working on several sci-fi projects. 
If you are an actress, actor or model wishing to be involved in the next project please email with your name, location, why you want to be involved, a couple of photographs and for models we need your "levels". We will get back to everybody who emails. Please note, we will not answer private messages on facebook or twitter regarding castings. 
The next project is a sexy sci-fi thriller.

New Music Video By The Aquinas

New Album Out Now

The Aquinas has released a new album of music written and performed by him for various horror films. 

Here's the link on amazon

Do You Wanna Be A Scream Queen?

Do You Wanna Be A Scream Queen?
Model or actress. Apply by emailing
Requirements: These are erotic, sexy horror films. No puritanicals please. These films are intended to shock, disturb and only those prepared to push all their boundaries will be considered. Let us know your levels/wants when you email. We look for people who will follow marketing advice, not moan and bitch on facebook, are seriously wanting to make a film and who enjoy it. If you just want fame and fortune, then this is wrong for you - it's the wrong intention. If you love horror, erotic films and images, and want to "create" then please, get in touch. All filming will be in Nottinghamshire, England. So you have to be able to travel.
What you get: Copiuos photo shoots, artwork, touching up. You will begin by filming a short piece for the ongoing project Diary of a Voyeur Killer. If that goes well (it's like an audition) then The Aquinas will talk to you, get your character strengths and weaknesses and write a special film for you. 

New Book of Photographs

A brand new colour book is now available of the Horror Hotties from films by The Aquinas. You can order it direct from amazon!